We empower Cities in Refugee Reception

The Re:Match pilot project matches refugees to welcoming German partner cities based on the needs and capacities on both sides . Through this, Re:Match hopes to enable better planning and future prospects for both refugees and municipalities alike.

Participating municipalities can actively shape the reception of new refugees, by providing detailed information about their services, capacities, but also needs, for example in the labour market. This way, the project enables a more sustainable relocation beneficial for all parties.

Project Status:

During the implementation phase in 2023, we were able to match 78 Ukrainian protection seekers with six German municipalities using our self-developed algorithm-based mechanism and relocate them from Poland to Germany.

The individual needs and profiles of the asylum seekers and the municipalities were taken into account in order to strengthen their right to have a say and facilitate the reception and integration process from day one.

The pilot phase is currently being comprehensively evaluated. The results will be processed in an evaluation report and an advocacy report and published in early 2024. The findings will also be used to further develop the matching criteria, the questionnaires, the algorithm and the associated processes. Further relocations are to take place in 2024 using the optimized tool.

This website will remain for documentation purposes and for further development. You can find news about the project here or in our newsletter. The team will be happy to answer your questions at any time and looks forward to any exchange on the subject of matching!

How it works (Pilot Project Implementation 2023):


Your municipality decides to participate by offering to receive at least 5-10 Ukrainian refugees currently staying in Poland. Your municipality profile will be created and included in the algorithm´s data pool. Meanwhile, refugees’ needs and priorities are vetted in an interview.


If participating refugees are matched with your municipality and would like to relocate there, our team in Berlin and Krakow will start coordinating the relocation andreception with you.


Upon the refugees’ arrival, they shall be registered in your municipality and apply for temporary protection. We will closely support you in the entire process of the refugees´ relocation to your city.


We rely on your feedback to complete and learn from the project. For this purpose we will hold a final meeting with all partner municipalities to evaluate the pilot phase and test the matching model´ scalability.

Want to become a partner municipality?

If you work for a German municipality and are interested in shaping a better relocation and reception policy, contact us! We will provide you detailed information about Re:Match and discuss how you could become a project partner!

The participating cities

Several cities from different parts of Germany are partner cities of the Re:match programme. Together we examine how an informed, individualised and needs-oriented relocation of refugees across Europe could look like.