We help refugees from Ukraine find the right place in Germany.

We analyse your personal needs and match you with German cities based on what they can offer.

How it works:


We inform interested Ukrainian refugees in detail about the Re:Match programme. After that, we conduct an in-person interview to take into account individual needs, preferences and further relevant information. Meanwhile, partner cities are vetted as well.


We use the collected information to match refugees from Ukraine to a German city. For the matching we also take into account the capacities and needs of the different participating cities. A preference-matching algorithm helps us to process the information and match in the best possible way.


Once the refugee agrees to a proposed match, the city gets a notification. Our team then coordinates the relocation and the reception in the new host city.

What We Want To Achieve

Since February 2022, approximately 8 million people (and counting) have fled Ukraine to other European countries as a result of the Russian war of aggression. This remains a major challenge for the European migration system and for the many European cities and towns that are welcoming people from Ukraine.

Distribution and reception of refugees rarely focus on both personal needs and the capacities of the receiving municipalities. Re:Match is an innovative matching model that wants to tackle exactly this problem: it takes into account refugees’ individual profiles  and preferences and compares it with what German cities can provide, for instance, housing. Cities´ needs such as the local labour market are also taken into consideration. Re:Match uses a preference-matching algorithm to match both sides in the best possible way.

Re:Match has the goal to allow an informed, individualised and needs-oriented reception of Ukrainian refugees through relocation via matching. This programme opens up better future prospects in Germany for people fleeing from Ukraine and facilitates the reception and integration process from day one. At the same time, it allows for better planning opportunities in municipalities which can put their unique experience to use.

You’re a Ukrainian citizen who recently fled from Ukraine to Poland or are currently planning to leave Ukraine and would like to move to Germany?

We help you find a city in Germany

You are a German municipality interested in improving the national distribution system? You would like to take part of Re:Match and welcome refugees from Ukraine?

Become a partner city in our project!

About Re:Match

Europe is faced with the challenge of fair and effective refugee distribution. We believe that matching can be a solution.

Our interdisciplinary team works closely with cities and refugees to develop an innovative  relocation via matching model for the EU.